We have made changes to our applications to join

As of 1st March 2018 UNISON implemented new application forms and made the changes because of two pieces of legislation: the Trade Union Act of 2016 and new Data Protection Regulations, known as GDPR, to protect people’s privacy.

These changes mean that the questions we ask people who want to join the union, the way we deal with their information and how we handle their payments needed to change.

For further information on this please visit our National Website at https://www.unison.org.uk/application-changes/

Why Join UNISON?

Most people join UNISON because they want protection at work help with pay and conditions of service, legal or health and safety advice or representation in case things go wrong at work. Our trained representatives can support members in a variety of situations such as pay, rotas, annual leave, sickness procedures, disciplinary action, dismissals, redundancy and much more. City of Sunderland Branch work hard to make sure members not only feel supported in their workplace but feel they are not alone if things become difficult.

Whatever your reason, it couldn’t be easier to join the UK’s largest public service union right now.

Essential Cover Wherever You Work

UNISON also provides a range of excellent benefits and services for all its members wherever they work, which includes:

  • Advice, support and help when need it at work
  • A helpline that is open until midnight
  • Legal help for you at work and your family at home
  • Financial, emotional and debt advice in times of need via There For You (UNISON’s welfare charity) including the Winter Fuel Grant, School Uniform Grant
  • Compensation for accidents and injuries at work
  • A range of exclusive member discounts, saving you and your family money when you are shopping, buying insurance or looking for a holiday

And you get all this from as little as £1.30 a month (depending on how much you earn, see our subscription scale below).